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Meet our Founder!

Ghislaine Sajous - founder

Ghislaine Sajous
and The Director Of One
Stop Health & Training Center

Ghislaine Sajous a.k.a Miss Gigi Founder of Radio TV Florida was born in Gonaïves, Haiti. She left Haiti in 2002 to live in Florida with her family. She is a proud mother of three sons named Steve, Sebastian and Felix. She proudly carries a bachelor in education with experience in administration management and leadership. She is also the owner of One Stop Health & Training Center since 2008. With her adventurous demeanor she enjoys traveling and explore new places and things. Miss Gigi is known for many things, but her work ethic and her willful caring heart and mind to help others have had a great impact in so many people lives to the point she is widely known far and wide throughout the Haitian community.