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Steve Sajous


As a Haitian American stylist and fashion blogger, I’ve always thought about styles and fashion and I truly believe that my connection to my Haitian culture via my mother has shaped my sense of fashion. In Haiti, the way you dress and carry yourself means a lot . Since we follow a French system my style derives from a sophisticated touch yet casual and fun look. But I remember growing up I enjoy my dad cologne as he dressed in his preppy style. I would watch Tv and catch up with the latest trends and the celebrities which were a great source of my style inspirations. Today I am working on my current brand RebelNerdz which showcase a great sense of style using a cultural, preppy and urban perspective. As the name says it we are the rebellious nerd of todays with a touch of sophistication, nerdy and the koolest in the block. Stay updated for new trends and styles.

To book for events/fashion shows : (954) 440-3144